My name is Kyle. 17. Libertarian. Vegetarian. My blog doesn't really have a specific theme to it. Just things I like. I love making friends. My interests include: punk rock. Longboarding. Mixed Martial Arts. Graffiti I'm really into doctor who, harry potter, J.R.R. Tolkien, and good horror movies. I also enjoy smoking trees from time to time.

Just came back here to remind all you pig fuckers that I don’t use this blog anymore. Here’s the blog I do use. It’s super cool anarchy punk rock I swear.


side effects of heelys may include: too many bitches, an overdose of swag, blow jobs in ur free time, and in some cases.. death (by handjob)

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do it. fucking do it. GO DO IT. No? Okay..

I’m not going to use this one anymore.

I’m mixing my personal blog with my libertarian/free market anarchism blog.

I’m going to try to follow you all again but it would really help if you would follow my other blog so its easier to follow you. I’ll probably delete this one after a while.


“I remember” 



“I remember” 


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yes i am girl

yes i play hoop with stick

girl gamer


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dont trust people who dont dip their oreos in milk

but I’m allergic :(

don’t be a pussy 

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good bassists make me want to cry

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